The Ultimate Guide to Learn How to Flirt

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The Ultimate Guide to Learn How to Flirt

You’ve heard of the infamous “it” factor, but what does it really mean? The phrase has been thrown around for years and is often used to describe people who are naturally charming or have a knack for making others feel good. However, there are specific behaviors that can actually help you improve your “flirting IQ.”

About Flirting

Flirting is one of the most important skills you can master to be successful with women. It’s how couples meet, start their relationship, and stay together. Flirting is recognized as key to human interactions because it fosters an emotional connection that triggers feelings of love.

People fall in love with people they feel emotionally connected to first, so if you aren’t skilled at flirting, you won’t be very successful at meeting your soulmate or developing a long-term romantic relationship.

Making use of Gestures to Flirt with Women

Touching is one of the most effective ways to flirt with women. Research shows that women are three times more responsive to touch than men are, so touching can convey your interest in a woman very rapidly. Plus, it’s an easy way to escalate physical intimacy quickly with someone you’ve just met or have been friends with for a while.

Mirroring a Woman’s Body Language

Mirroring is a science-backed way to increase the level of intimacy between you and someone else. When you mimic a woman’s postures, mannerisms, and facial expressions, she will unconsciously see you as being more attractive and familiar to her. This can encourage her to invest more in the interaction with you because it feels safe and pleasurable.

Using Conversation Topics that Flirt with Women

Talking about topics that evoke emotional responses (positive and negative) from women is another effective way to flirt with them. For example: asking for advice; talking about yourself; disclosing personal information; talking about your feelings; teasing; flirting by disagreeing or arguing, or revealing secrets.

Strong Eye Contact is a Sign of Flirting

If you want to flirt with women, you must be able to make strong, sustained eye contact. Eye contact is another one of the ways that people are able to convey their interest or disinterest in others. When it comes to flirting, nothing is more important than making continuous eye contact without blinking for between 60 and 70 percent of the time while speaking.

Smile Often, but Don’t Overdo It

Smiling is probably the easiest thing you can do to flirt with women. However, smiling too much could make you look like an idiot or a phony. You don’t want to overdo it because she might see your smile as desperate and insincere.

Confidence is Key

Confidence is a big part of flirting with women. The more confident you appear, the more attractive she will find you. If you feel nervous, don’t worry because this tends to happen to everyone from time to time depending on the woman and the situation. Just fake it until you make it by telling yourself that you are a cool guy who can flirt with any girl.

Talking about Sex is an Effective Form of Flirtation

Talking about sex is a great way to flirt with women because it makes you appear as if you’re more sexually experienced and that you have a more active libido than most guys. It also shows that you’re not naive or prudish, but rather more open-minded. So don’t be afraid to bring up the topic of sex in casual conversations with women because it could help you attract them.


Flirting can be difficult for some people at first, so remember to take your time learning how to do it effectively before expecting positive results from your interactions with women. If you practice these flirting techniques consistently, they will become second nature to you over time and will help pave the way for relationship success.